Desktop Tent Calendars

Desktop Tent Calendars enhance your brand and message all year round

Why would I print desktop tent calendars for my business in this digital age!”

The truth is, we still love a calendar on our desks even though we can easily get this information on our computers.

If you don’t agree with us then let us convince you. But first things first, what exactly is a tent calendar:

  • A tent calendar is a small size, 2 sided calendar for use on a desk.
  • Another name for this type is a Toblerone calendar – try and guess why, ha ha!
  • They get printed on A4 size and they fold to 210mm x 99mm – basically DL size that can be mailed at the lowest rate.
  • The printed tent calendars have a locking system for easy set up
  • Allows for 6 months of calendar dates per side and also your own custom design – see the image
  • These calendards are printed on heavy 350gsm artboard stock
  • They can be printed in landscape or portrait

Now that you know what a tent calendar is, you might ask why you should have them designed and printed?

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. They are a small but very effective billboard type of marketing tool! Where else can you display your logo, slogan and contact details all year round for a one off printing cost.
  2. Why stop at handing these out to people based in offices only? Schools and retail shops can certainly benefit from these, too!
  3. We all still need to know what day and month it is at the least. Many need to count days or month for scheduling or project planning reasons for example.

This is a big selling product in our calendar range.

Our desktop calendars are low cost, easy for you to distribute and a welcome and highly usable corporate gift. Stylish designs can include your logo, contact details and other branding as required. These calendars are highly visible on your customers and prospects desktops all year round, reinforcing your brand and corporate message.

Please take a look at our Calendars product page for pricing and other 2017 Calendar options.

(Scoring can we quoted extra, otherwise calendars are shipped flat).