Outdoor Banners and How To Get The Most Out of Them

Outdoor banners are a great way to get your message out at events, sports games, trade shows or out in front of your retail shop. Whether you are promoting your business, organisation or church, vinyl banners are a favorite way to market and promote your business.  There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are having your vinyl banners printed to make them as effective as possible.

Does the Size of Your Outdoor Banners Matter?

The size of your outdoor banners are very important, especially when you consider how far away it needs to be seen. An outdoor banner that is going to be seen 100 metres from the road needs to be much bigger than one that will be seen within 20 metres. A banner that’s too small is not going to get noticed when viewed from a distance, so be sure you take distance into consideration before you settle on dimensions of your signage.

What’s Good Look for Outdoor Banners?

Don’t go overboard on your fonts. It’s usually best to stick with one font and definitely use no more than two. Any more than that and it will be confusing to the viewer, and it will be hard to read. Make it easy on the eye of the people who will be seeing your banner.

Less is More When It Comes to Text

Be sure to limit your text on the outdoor banners. Signs with too many words tend to be ignored, because no one wants to have to take the time to read them. Be concise, and don’t overdo it. Bullet points tend to work best if you have a lot of information that needs to be on the banner.

What About Colour Combinations of Your Outdoor Banners?

Putting light text on a light background is not a good idea, and neither is dark text on a dark background. When you do either of these, the message is sure to get lost because your banner will be hard to read. Stick with contrasting colours for foreground and background. For example, black, blue, and dark red work best on a white or light background. If you put darker text on a dark background, you will need to stroke the text with a lighter colour for it to stand out.

When You Need Multiple Logos

If you are getting outdoor banners for an event with multiple logos on it, be careful not to let it get too cluttered. Lots of logos crammed together on a banner are very unattractive and unpleasing to the eye. Use plenty of white space and print a banner big enough to fit all of the logos without cluttering your design.

Where and How do you Hang your Outdoor Banners?

This is something most people don’t think about until it’s too late. Where and how do you hang your banner? Make sure there is something you can attach your banner to, and make sure you have the correct attachments on your banner – grommets are a standard, but there are other options to choose from, too. If there is nowhere to hang your banner, then you will need to have poles or some other method of mounting your outdoor banner. Be sure that wherever you hang your banner it is easily seen from the appropriate distance.

Pull Up Banners and How You Can You Use Them

What are Pull Up Banners?

Pull up banners are a portable display system used mainly by businesses for public and Trade Show style events. Pull up banners are similar to retractable screens, and they usually come with adjustable height poles and a base that holds the banner.

What are Pull Up Banners used for?

Pull up banners are generally displayed at business conferences, opening of new establishments, things like car shows, meetings, sales, school events, trade fairs, science exhibitions, launching of new products or services, sporting events and religious events but don’t stop there, you can use them for anything you like!

What Would I use a Pull Up Banner For?

Market your brand, a product or service or to Display the logo, information, brief history, mission and vision of your company or a particular even. You can also announce events and provide an instant review of your Company profile and recent activities. Or why not use them as an educational tool.What is another Advantage of Pull Up Banners?

What are the Main Benefits of Pull Up Banners?

You can list the benefits or importance of using your product or service and you can easily notify visitors about products or services that are no longer part of your offering. Easy to transport. The lighter and more compact the banners when they are folded up. Images on pull up banners are of very high definition.

What are some Further Advantages of Pull Up Banners?

They are portable and easy to set up, take down, store and carry around No additional labour or technical knowledge is required to set them up. One person is all that is needed to set them up.They are also a more economical form of advertising, and available at affordable prices. You can easily save floor space, allowing for more displays in exhibition events, where space might be limited. Highly durable as they are made up of plastic materials that never crimps. Display them anywhere to catch the quick attention of viewers of passersby.

So, in summary, once your banner stand has been noticed, people are more likely to approach your shop or booth as they will want to inquire about what you are promoting.

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Corflute Signs and Our Top 5 Reasons to Use Them

You may have a building or construction site, or an event coming up, a real estate listing, or you have a business that has something to say to the customers and prospects. Lightweight Corflute Signs are a great and simple solution. Corflute Signs are useful everywhere.

Here are our top 5 reasons to use Corflute Signs:

1. Corflute Signs are Cost Effective 

Cost Effective
 Corflute is a budget friendly signage solution for many usess which can replace expensive alternatives such as aluminium panels or colour-bond signage. This low-cost form of plastic signage is economical and inexpensive, and is perfect when you are needing bulk supplies.

2. Corflute Signs are so Easy to Install
Easy Installation
 Corflute is a lightweight material that can be installed and removed in a flash, anywhere and by anyone. It can be fixed to any flat surface using adhesive tape, glue, screws or nails. And it can be easily attached to fencing through metal eyelets in each corner.

3. Corflute is Highly Customisable
Corflute can be cut to any shape or size and is adaptable for any space. Corflute blanks are 2400mm x 1200mm and sheets can be cut into multiple shapes and sizes. Corflute can be joined during the installation process effectively making enormous signs.

4. Corflute Has a High Variety of Uses
Corflute can be used in a variety of short or long-term projects such as real estate signs, promotional signs, construction site signs, building site signs, compliance signs, tradesman site signage, building site warning signs, security company signs, trade show display signs, in-store promotional, safety, warning signs and first aid signs to name just a few.

5. Corflute Signs are Incredibly Durable As Well!
Corflute is waterproof and direct to corflute printing means that your message will appear perfectly no matter the weather. Corflute retains ink well and will only start to fade after years of exposure to UV. Corflute board is exceptionally strong, it is impossible to tear by hand and will take a beating when bumped into. Corflute has many applications and its price and durability make it a very attractive medium. We urge our clients to look at corflute first before other more expensive items.