Using Appointment Cards for reminders

Don’t forget any appointment again with Appointment Cards

Appointment cards are a very useful business tool, and not just because customers remember their next appointment with you. When customers arrive on time, prompted by your helpful little appointment card, it helps your business run smoothly and efficiently. Even better, your number is always on hand so your loyal customers can find it quickly to recommend you to their friends.

Due to the customer’s or patient’s busy routine, it is important to keep a perfect balance between personal and professional life. Efficient time management is important, and for this purpose, you have to remember all important commitments making appointment cards a useful tool. Use custom appointment cards that are created with specific personalised content. Use your own business contact information, appointment times and follow up appointments.

As appointment cards are an important mean to remind your customers about future appointments it is equally important for businesses to use appointment card, including doctors, hair salons, dog groomers, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, hairdressers, spas, trainers, engineers, and more. The Appointment card is also known as a recall card, and it is a great opportunity for business owners to remind their customer’s and patients of all important events. The appointment card should contain the start time and schedule of the appointment. The card should be easy to handle, so it is really easy to fit into the customer’s and patients wallet.

Why not add your business card details on the second side of the card to promote your business further?

If you are looking to have unforgettable cards printed, you came to the right place. With an impressive appointment card, your clients and customers will never forget an appointment again.

Our appointment cards:

  • Are made on high quality card stock
  • The card stock is able to be written on
  • Printed in full process colour on two sides at no extra charge
  • Free delivery anywhere in Australia
  • Free customised artwork – simply use the templates as a starting point

Top quality appointment cards

At Emerald Print we only print appointment cards of the highest quality because we understand that you naturally want your cards to look perfect. All of our appointment cards are printed using the finest quality full colour card stock out there.



Do Restaurant Menus have a Hidden Agenda?

The Psychology of Menu Design – do restaurants have a hidden agenda?

There are many marketing strategies to get you into a restaurant, but did you realise that when you get there, there is most likely a hidden agenda to get you to open your wallet more than you intended to with the restaurant menus set to make you order freely.

Courtesy of and here is a cool infographic entitled The Psychology of Menu Design – how restaurants persuade us to buy more


4 Reasons Why a Business Card is Still a Good Idea

Despite living in a digital world, a business card can still be critical to the success of your business.
1. Business cards should be part of your self-introduction

Today, people you meet still expect business cards. They can enhance your credibility and legitimacy and give your prospect a better sense of your professionalism.

2. Business Cards can be Direct Marketing Tools

No other form of marketing is more effective than face-to-face communication coupled with a handshake.  You never know when you’ll run into a potentially valuable prospect, so you should always be prepared to market your business when the opportunity arises.

3. They Help Build Your Brand

A successful card should contain your company’s logo, advertising slogan and necessary contact information, including a phone number, website address and email where you can be easily reached. 

4. They’re Budget-Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of a business card is its affordability.  One of the worst mistakes you might make is to misjudge the importance of a quality business card to brand identity.