Elevate Your Mailings with Customised Envelopes

Custom-printed envelopes are essential when creating a memorable first impression and adding a touch of professionalism to your mailings. Emerald Print, a trusted printing partner in Australia, offers top-notch envelope printing services to help you stand out and enhance your correspondence.

At Emerald Print, we recognize the importance of a well-crafted envelope in capturing attention and reinforcing your brand identity. That's why we employ cutting-edge printing technology and a team of skilled experts committed to delivering envelopes of outstanding quality.

Select from a variety of envelope sizes tailored to your specific requirements. Emerald Print provides the following popular envelope sizes:

DL Envelopes

DL (210mmx99mm) envelopes offer a compact and flexible solution for diverse mailing needs. Perfect for personal or business correspondence, these envelopes accommodate an A4 sheet folded twice or an A5 sheet folded once.

DLX Envelopes

DLX (235mmx120mm) envelopes are slightly larger than DL envelopes, offering more space for thicker or bulkier documents. Ideal for mailing promotional materials, booklets, or invitations.

C4 Envelopes:

C4 envelopes (324mmx229mm) are designed to hold unfolded A4 documents, making them ideal for mailing larger documents, presentations, booklets or catalogues without folding.

C5 Envelopes:

C5 envelopes (162mmx229mm) are designed to hold unfolded A5 documents, or A4 documents folded in half making them ideal for mailing smaller documents, presentations, booklets or catalogues without folding.

C6 Envelopes:

C6 envelopes (114mmx162mm) are designed to hold unfolded A6 documents, A5 documents folded in half, or for photo cards. .

Choose the envelope style and sealing option that best fits your needs.

Emerald Print offers both plain-faced and window-faced envelopes, allowing you to display your branding or recipient information for easy identification. We also offer two sealing options.

Peel and Seal Envelopes

Peel and Seal envelopes come with a strip that, when peeled off, exposes an adhesive layer for quick and secure sealing, making the sealing process effortless and saving you time.

Self-Sealing Envelopes 

Self-sealing envelopes come with pre-applied adhesive, eliminating the need for moisture or additional sealing materials. Just fold down the flap, press firmly, and your envelope is ready.

Emerald Print offers the option of one or two spot PMS colours for your envelope designs or full CMYK. Whether you opt for a single vibrant colour or a mix of colours to align with your branding, our precise colour matching ensures your envelopes leave a lasting impression.

Understanding the importance of timely delivery for your mailing requirements, Emerald Print prioritises swift production without compromising quality. We aim to have your custom-printed envelopes ready for dispatch quickly.

We offer nationwide delivery across Australia which is included in all our pricing. Our dependable delivery service ensures your professionally printed envelopes reach you within 1 to 3 business days after despatch from the printing factory.

Choose Emerald Print for your envelope printing needs and make a lasting impression with every piece of mail you send. With our commitment to quality, advanced printing technology, quick turnaround times, a range of sizes, styles, sealing options, and full CMYK color printing available, Emerald Print is your go-to partner for all your envelope printing needs.

Place your order today and make a statement with every sealed envelope!