6 Reasons to Use Customer Loyalty Cards in Your Business

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When you use Customer Loyalty Cards in your business you will find they are a fantastic way to generate extra business and they work well as a simple marketing tool to spread the word about your company.

The idea of Customer Loyalty Cards is simple. When a customer visits your shop, cafe or business and makes a purchase, they get a stamp on their card. Several returns and purchases later, they can then redeem the card for a “reward” of goods or services. Many businesses find that Customer Loyalty Cards schemes increase sales through existing customers and attract new ones as well.

The following are other potential advantages of using Customer Loyalty Cards as part of your business marketing.

Advantages of Customer Loyalty Cards

    • Customer Retention – Customer Loyalty Cards programme is not only a good way to get new customers, it’s also a tried-and-trusted method of keeping them.

  • Increase Frequent Sales – a Customer Loyalty Cards system encourage customers to come back more often to take advantage of your special offers/discounts/rewards. The more they shop, the more they get in return.

  • Increased Product Awareness –Customer Loyalty Cards schemes can be an excellent way to increase your product awareness. It might encourage customers to try something new by simply offering them the chance to get one for free. For example, if you ran a coffee shop, you could offer one of your tasty muffins for free with every 5 stamps (1 cup of coffee = 1 stamp). Customers might love the muffins so much, they’ll purchase them next time they come in for a coffee. Changing the reward every now and then keeps things fresh and increases knowledge of your products.

  • Increased Reach – loyal customers who enjoy your rewards might encourage their friends to join in. You could encourage ‘recommendations’ by offering special discounts or extras for loyal customers. For example – recommend a friend and get an extra stamp on your card.

  • Know Your Customer – through your Customer Loyalty Cards scheme you can track and analyse your customers shopping habits and adjust your loyalty offers to match their needs. You can then adjust your marketing plan to capitalise on this.

  • Customer Loyalty/Happiness –Customer Loyalty Cards schemes are excellent for making a customer feel important and relevant. Customer happiness is important as it keeps them coming back for more and telling their friends and family.

So we recommend you use Customer Loyalty Cards in your business. We will help your business stand out and your card stand out from the rest in your customers’ wallet.

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