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Our Brochure Printing Service will help you get noticed 

Brochure printing provides a popular marketing tool used by Australian businesses of all sizes. Brochures are effective in communicating information about products, services, events, and other promotional happenings to your potential customers.

Showroom Brochure Printing Service

Whether you keep brochures in your showroom for browsers to pick up, or you deliver brochures, flyers or other promotional marketing to households or other businesses in your area we can help you create brochures that will make money for your business.

Brochures help keep all your service or product details front of mind and are great for impactful communication and effective branding.

Printing Quality Is Important

When it comes to brochure printing services in Australia, there are a few factors that can impact the quality of the final product. These factors include the quality of the printing equipment, the quality of the paper used, the expertise of the printing staff, and the ability to provide customised designs. Emerald Print is second to none with the quality of the brochures we produce.

The quality of the printing equipment used is an essential factor in determining the final quality of the brochure. High-quality printing equipment ensures that the colours and images are clear, crisp, and vibrant, resulting in a brochure that is visually appealing and engaging. Emerald Print uses modern, high-tech printing equipment that produces excellent results.

Brochure Printing Service - High-Quality Paper

 The quality of the paper used is also crucial. The type of paper used for our brochure printing services positively impacts the overall quality of the finished product. Our high-quality paper is durable, has a professional finish, and can withstand the wear and tear that can occur during handling and distribution. We offer a range of paper options, including glossy, matte, and recycled paper, to meet the needs and preferences of our customers.

Expert & Specialised Staff

The expertise of the printing staff is another critical factor in determining the quality of the brochure printing service. Our experienced printing staff can provide guidance and advice on design and layout, ensure that colours and images are accurate and vibrant, and catch any errors or issues before the final product is printed. Emerald Print has highly skilled and experienced staff who can provide personalised advice and assistance to our customers.

Customised Designs - BYO or We Can Help You

The ability to provide customised designs is another factor that can impact the quality of the brochure printing service. Emerald Print offers a range of design options and can work with our customers to create customised designs that meet their specific needs and preferences. Customised designs can help your business stand out from competitors and communicate your brand message effectively.

Folding Options

Our brochure printing service offers eye-catching full-colour tri-fold, flat, z-fold and bi-fold options.

Along with our multiple folding options, we can offer you gloss finishes, double-sided full-colour printing and premium multiple-paper stocks for perfectly printed brochures suitable for all types of situations.


The bi-fold brochure is the simplest fold for a brochure, which creates two panels on either side, much like a single-paged book. This type of fold is most suited for business presentations, or anything where simplicity is key.


The tri-fold option is the classic brochure type that people are most familiar with. It’s formed with two vertical folds, creating 3 equal panels. This brochure type is perfectly suited for organising information in a compact way that is easy to unfold. This makes them great for marketing products or services, allowing the opportunity to organise information in a clear sequence or list.


The z-fold brochure is similar to the tri-fold brochure in its design, with the same two vertical folds and 3 equal panels, except this brochure, is formed slightly differently in that it opens in an accordion style, which is why it’s also known as the accordion fold.


The gate-fold is a very bold brochure type, which is great for designs that are graphically heavy. One opens the two front panels outwards to reveal a larger panel inside which is where the main graphic would be found. Imagine opening two cupboard doors outwards, to reveal what’s inside; that is more or less what the gate-fold offers.

The options are endless as you can imagine.

The above fold-types are the most common types of brochures, but there are many, many more fold-types, going all the way up to 16-panel fold! So even if your idea isn’t covered in one of the above options, we most definitely have the experience and expertise to create any kind of brochure you’d like.

We can also offer 8 pages DL, Double DL, 6-page A4, A2, A3 8-page A4 and any other custom print that best suits your business.


And if you want to have your new brochures distributed to households as a letterbox drop or delivered to other businesses utilising Australia Post we can help you or do everything for you.


If you’d rather leave the design work to us, we also offer a full artwork service at a very affordable price. Simply discuss your project needs with one of our team and we will provide you with a quote.

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