Carbonless Books and Pads

Emerald Print Now Offers a Customised Carbonless Books, Forms and Pads Printing Service to Help Your Business

Carbonless printing allows for the creation of multiple copies of a document without the need for carbon paper. This type of printing is usually used for business forms, invoices, receipts, order forms, quotes and estimates, and other documents where multiple copies are required.


Carbonless forms are available in various colour sequences. The most common configurations are duplicate (white/yellow), triplicate (white/yellow/pink), and quadruplicate (white/yellow/pink/blue). Each part corresponds to a different sheet in the set.

Carbonless Forms Uses:

Quotes and Invoices: Your business could potentially use carbonless forms for creating invoices or generating quotes. This allows you to keep a copy for your records while also having the ability to provide a copy to your customer.

Receipts: Retailers often use carbonless forms to generate receipts for their customers.

Order Forms: This will allow your business to retain a record of customer orders.


What Are the Advantages of Using Carbonless Forms

  • Unlike carbon paper, carbonless forms don't leave smudges or stains on hands or clothing, meaning there is no mess!
  • Carbonless Forms are a great convenience, providing a quick and efficient way to create multiple copies of a document.
  • Carbonless forms give a professional appearance to documents and can be highly customised to include your logo, address details, business image,  contact information, other branding elements and/or information.
  • Carbonless forms can be bound into books or pads or provided as individual loose sets. Books are often used when there's a need for sequential numbering.
  • Carbonless pads are a convenient format for creating multiple copies of forms. They are often bound at the top or the side for easy tear-off.
  • Emerald Print offers FREE Sequential Numbering which is a common feature for carbonless forms, especially for items like invoices, quotations and receipts where tracking is important.
  • Carbonless forms come in many different sizes, ie A4, A5, DL etc and formats, allowing for customisation based on your specific business needs.


When ordering carbonless printing, it's essential to specify the number of parts, colour sequence, size, binding, and any additional customisation required. This ensures that the final product meets your specific requirements.