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Emerald Print has an extensive range of business card magnets which can help you promote your business no matter what industry sector you are in.

Unlike regular business cards, Magnetic Business Cards are useful to the recipient, allowing them to pin important notes, bills or photos on to their fridge or filing cabinet in the places that matter most - in the home or in the workplace.

Emerald Print offers three different kinds of Magnetic Business Cards. Straight Edged Business Card Magnets, Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets and Shaped Business Card Magnets.

Straight Edged Business Card Magnets come with rectangular corners. They have the fastest production time and generally have lower prices.  We can manufacture Business Card Magnets in any size so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

Rounded Corner Business Card Magnets seem to be a very popular choice.

Shaped Business Card Magnets are also very popular as many businesses like to look different from their competitors. You can let the shape of your magnet become part of your design, and emphasise your business’ industry or benefits you offer, as well as have a greater impact on consumers once they get into homes and offices.

The popularity of Business Card Magnets among Real Estate Agents has made House Shaped Business Card Magnets extremely popular in recent times.

Business Card Magnets are great for ensuring your business is well known in your local area. Get yours today and beat your competitors at their own game.

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