COFFEE CARDS - Artwork Submission Details

Hello and thank you for your order.

If you would like our team to create your artwork for your cards, please read the following and email through everything you have to make these cards brilliant.

1. FREE ARTWORK - this is what we can do for you:

  1. Create your cards from scratch.
  2. Copy an old card of yours. 
  3. Check your supplied artwork for bleed, trim and crop marks and add if needed, ready for professional printing.

So we can create new artwork from scratch for you, or copy an old card, but firstly we need a 'brief' or an idea of what you're thinking.

(Please note, we set up the text and supplied images as finished artwork, but we do not include creating new logos as part of this service. Please ask for a customised quote if you need a new logo).

Take a look at all the images on the Coffee Cards Product page and email back anything there that takes your fancy. We can adapt it and customise for your business.
Or do a Google search of coffee cards and look at the images that come up and save the ones you like and email them to us.
Or hand draw something and take a photo of that and email back to us.
2. Do you have logos and images of your business that you want to include on the card? If so, please email these to us.
3. What colours do you like? Please let us know.
4. How many purchases does the customer need to make before they get a free one? Please let us know. Also how many repeats do you want of this, for example you could have 6 coffee cups, then one free 4 times in a row.
5. Email through your business details, this is what we need:
  • Business name
  • Your name
  • Business phone number
  • Your phone number (if different)
  • Your email address
  • Business website, and/or Facebook/Insta page address
  • Your physical delivery address (for the courier)
  • Any other details you want on the card.
Remember, the more you tell us the easier for you as well as us.
Once we've created the artwork for your card (usually same day we receive your information), we will email back to you a PDF proof for you to check and suggest changes.
You can make up to 2 sets of changes, thereafter we only correct for errors.
Please email everything you have to the attention of Lynda at
If you have any questions, please call 1300 558 113.