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Credit card thickness PVC Plastic Membership Cards offer a lot of benefits for clubs and businesses and their customers.

Emerald Print offers professional quality 0.76mm thickness (same as a credit card) PVC plastic cards printed with your branding, business or club details which can also feature barcodes or QR codes, magnetic strips, signature panels or even raised lettering similar to a credit card.

Having their own personal card means the person is a member of the business, organisation or club and usually can provide a range of advantages.

Customer Loyalty

Membership cards are an effective tool for building customer loyalty and retaining existing customers. By offering exclusive benefits and rewards to cardholders, your business can incentivise repeat purchases and create an attachment to your business, club or brand. The feeling of being a valued member encourages customers to continue engaging with your business or club and better fosters a long-term relationship.


Membership cards provide an opportunity for your business to personalise your offerings based on individual customer preferences and behaviour.

Discounts and Rewards

Membership cards can be used to offer perks that encourage your customers to choose your club or business over your competitors and this can mean much increased sales. Offering special promotions or discounts exclusively to your members can also create a sense of exclusivity and make your customers feel valued.

Customer Experience

Membership cards can streamline your customer‘s experience by simplifying processes such as identification, access, and payment. For example, in fitness clubs or gyms, membership cards grant easier access out of hours if needed. This convenience not only saves time but also enhances the overall experience for your customers or members.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Membership cards can turn customers into brand advocates. By providing cardholders with a sense of exclusivity and special treatment, they are more likely to recommend your club or business to friends and family, thereby generating positive word-of-mouth marketing. A satisfied cardholder can help to attract new customers and expand your club or business's reach.

Data Security and Access

Emerald Print can produce membership cards that can be equipped with advanced technologies such as barcodes or magnetic strips enhancing security and access control. By using membership cards, businesses can ensure only authorised individuals can access specific resources or facilities.

Streamlined Membership Management

Membership cards simplify the administrative aspects of managing memberships. Instead of manually tracking and verifying membership status, businesses can scan the card or use online systems to quickly validate membership privileges and track expiration dates. This automation can reduce errors, saves time, and improve operational efficiency.

Try a membership card system at your business, contact us today to find out how.

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