Coffee Loyalty Cards Printing

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Coffee Loyalty Cards Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back Time And Again

A coffee loyalty card encourages your old and new customers to return to your cafe, coffee shop or restaurant again and again. Each time they visit and purchase a coffee, they can earn a stamp or a punch hole on their coffee card. Once they’ve collected enough punches or stamps they can then redeem their card for a free coffee.

Emerald Print has been creating coffee loyalty cards for cafes, coffee shops and restaurants for more than 20 years and can advise you on what would work best for your business. Or take a look at the examples on the left and we can easily adapt a previous design for your business. 

Encourage Customer Loyalty With Coffee Cards

Coffee cards are an inexpensive marketing initiative that gives your customer a free product after repeat visits and keeps them coming back. 

Coffee loyalty cards have become a popular tool used by businesses in the hospitality sector to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.

Coffee cards work by offering customers rewards or discounts for purchasing a certain number of coffee, tea or other drinks or even food items. In this way, businesses are able to incentivise customers to keep coming back for their daily coffee fix.

Who Is Most Likely To Use Coffee Loyalty Cards?

One type of business that commonly uses coffee loyalty cards is the local coffee shop. Coffee shops or cafes often have a loyal customer base that visits daily or weekly, and they use coffee loyalty cards to reward these customers for their repeat business. This can be an effective way for coffee shops to keep customers coming back and to build a strong brand following.

Many cafes and bakeries also use coffee loyalty cards to motivate customers to try new menu items or to come in during slower periods. For example, a bakery might offer a discount on a certain pastry or pie during the afternoon hours when business is slower. This can encourage customers to try new items and to visit during off-peak times, helping to spread out business throughout the day.

In addition to coffee shops and bakeries, many restaurants also use coffee cards or loyalty cards to promote repeat business. For example, a breakfast restaurant might offer a free coffee or breakfast sandwich after a certain number of visits. This can help to build customer loyalty and to encourage repeat business, especially for restaurants that are located in areas with a lot of competition.

Coffee loyalty cards printing is also very useful for coffee roasters, tea shops, or online retailers that sell coffee and related products. By offering rewards or discounts for repeat purchases, these businesses can encourage customers to keep coming back and to choose their products over competitors.

How Does A Coffee Loyalty Card Compare To An Online Rewards App?

A coffee loyalty card and an online rewards app are both tools used by businesses to reward customers for their loyalty. However, there are some key differences between the two.

A coffee loyalty card is a physical card that customers can carry with them and present at the point of sale to earn rewards or discounts. Each time a customer makes a purchase, they get a stamp or point on their card, and after a certain number of purchases, they receive a free or discounted item. This tool can be easily set up by Emerald Print within days and will cost you less than $90 to get started.

In terms of the benefits, a coffee loyalty card can be a simple and convenient option for customers who frequent a particular coffee shop. It usually requires customers to carry a physical card and the rewards offered through a coffee loyalty card initiative are limited to the specific business or location.

On the other hand, an online rewards app is a digital platform that customers can use to earn points or rewards for making purchases or engaging with a business online or at the check out. This is a sophisticated solution and will cost many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and a lot more time to get set up.

How Many Coffees On The Coffee Card Should Your Customers Buy?

Over time Emerald Print has created and printed coffee loyalty cards for at least 500 hospitality businesses and has seen some cafes offer a free coffee for 5 purchases through to 10 purchases. It is entirely up to you.

Cost-Effective Coffee Loyalty Cards Printing

Coffee loyalty cards are a relatively low-cost marketing solution that will increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. We encourage you to contact Emerald Print for more information or to discuss your unique artwork needs.

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