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Sturdy, Light and Laminated Highest Quality Counter or Shelf Cards for your Business

Our A3, A4, A5 or A6-sized Counter Cards or Mounted Counter Strut Cards are a display tool commonly used by businesses for promotional purposes, particularly in retail or hospitality settings. They are perfect for on-shelf or counter displays and can be used to add colour to a display, boosting the viability of a short-term promotion.

Point of Sale Promotions - Mounted counter strut cards are often placed near the point of sale, such as cash registers or checkout counters. Businesses can use them to promote impulse purchases or highlight ongoing deals and discounts. For example, a grocery store might use them to advertise a special offer on a particular product, encouraging customers to make additional purchases.

Product Information - These useful cards can also be used to provide essential information about a product or service. For instance, a technology retailer might use them to display key features and specifications of a new smartphone or laptop.

Seasonal Information - Retailers or hospitality venues often change their promotions and offerings based on seasons or holidays. Mounted counter strut cards can be easily swapped out and updated to reflect these changes. For example, a clothing store might use them to promote seasonal sales, such as a winter clearance event, or a restaurant might promote a special Easter bonus.

Mounted Counter Cards are the ideal solution for any marketing and promotional needs. Businesses can use mounted counter-strut cards to reinforce their brand identity. They can feature logos, slogans, and brand colours to create a cohesive brand image throughout the store. This can help improve brand recognition and loyalty among customers.

They are a cost-effective and simple way to promote your products or upcoming events, and they offer maximum impact while adding colour and vitality to shelves, countertops and benches in your retail space.

Cross-Promotion - Businesses with multiple products or services can use mounted counter strut cards to cross-promote complementary items. For example, a bookstore might use them to promote related genres or authors alongside a bestselling book.

Event Promotion - If a business is hosting an event, such as a product launch or a store opening, mounted counter strut cards can be used to promote it in-store. They can include details such as the date, time, location, and any special offers or activities planned for the event.

Educational Purposes - In settings like museums or educational institutions, mounted counter strut cards can be used to provide information about exhibits, artefacts, or educational programs. They can enhance the visitor experience by offering additional context and insights.

Feedback Collection - Businesses can also use mounted counter strut cards to collect customer feedback or conduct surveys. They can include QR codes or website URLs that direct customers to online feedback forms or surveys, allowing businesses to gather valuable insights and improve their products or services.

Our Counter Cards with Easels are perfect for creating Point of Sale or counter displays, and they are incredibly versatile – you can easily move them around your space, or reuse them whenever you want to run a new promotion. This makes them a perfect choice for retail or visual marketing purposes where economy and versatility are key.

Strut Cards or Table Top Cards are printed then gloss or matt celloglaze laminated then mounted onto a 2mm card with a lockable strut glued onto the back.

We can supply A3, A4, A5, and A6 sizes for you, in quantities ranging from 10 and more. Please ask for a custom quote if you need more than quoted here or a custom size.

Sturdy and light
Full-colour print
Mounted on 2mm Card
Gloss or Matt Celloglaze finish
• Free artwork set up or assistance
Free courier delivery Australia wide

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